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DryerIn January 2007, a customer called after receiving a disappointing diagnostic from another company who charged them $75 just to come out and say that it would cost too much to repair and it would be better to buy a new washer.

When they called Preferred Service Company we sent out one of our many qualified technicians to run a diagnostic test to determine the problem.  The technician quickly realized the washer wasn't even 2 years old.  So he got on the phone with GE and had GE send the parts directly to the customer while the washer was still under warranty. This did not cost the client any money for the parts.

For what they paid for the other guys to come out and tell them that their washer was broken, Preferred Service Company got their washer back up and running. The customer was thankful for the quick service, knowledgeable technician and reasonable rate.   They were so grateful they sent a $100 dollar gift certificate into the office for the technician.


Quality Matters